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Complete Paylocity Requirements

New hire paperwork within Paylocity must be completed prior to scheduling onboarding.

Office Work

Company ID- 12817

POC pertaining to Paylocity-

Your area manager or 

Mattea Busch, (970)535-4628 or


Schedule New Hire for Onboarding

Onboarding is conducted regularly, 3 out of 4 Friday's a month with occasional exceptions due to observed holidays.


Colorado will conduct onboarding in person within the conference room of NG Companies Headquarters; all other locations will attend via video conference wherein the attendee must have both audio and video conference call capabilities.


Provide Pre-placement Urinalysis

A urinalysis must be conducted prior to scheduling onboarding. 

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

POC pertaining to what urinalysis needs to be conducted- 

Haley Griffin, (210)990-0034 or

(Type of test or tests are based on location, CDL, and projected start date)


Verification of Access

Various sites are utilized in day-to-day operations. Prior to attending the scheduled onboarding, login to all applications to ensure access has been granted. 

Image by John Schnobrich

POC pertaining to access issues- 

Sitedocs or Samsara

Haley Griffin (210)990-0034 or h.griffin@ngcompanies. com


Isaac Johnson, (970)535-4628 or

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